Sunday, August 4, 2013

server down for minor updates

I deployed some changes to the server this morning, so the site was down for a short period of time.

The changes are relatively minor. Probably the most noticeable thing is a new 'game info' link at your card table. When you click on it, it displays the total number of players at the site who are also playing your card game. For example, if you're sitting at a Hearts table, it will display the total number of players on the website playing Hearts - this is shown circled in green in the image below.

A couple of players have pointed out to me that in Euchre, the robots will sometimes discard a trump card needlessly. For example, if you'd already won a trick by playing the Jack of the trump suit, your robot partner might discard a low card of the trump suit, even when it had non-trump cards it could discard. This has been fixed.

The changes made today were small. I'm also working on larger changes which require more time to make. But I try to fix small bugs as they come up, if possible, and deploy them when ready.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marya
Many thanks for your continued diligence in maintaining and upgrading the site.

You have added the function of telling us how many players are playing the table, is it possible to add the number of tables so that we know how many tables there are, and perhaps an alert when there is a vacancy.

There is a facility for private table, but I never have success in finding any players there. Is it possible to have an alert/signal/register for private table play?

Marya said...

Hi Anon @ Aug 4 2013 3:36

1) "is it possible to add the number of tables so that we know how many tables there are, and perhaps an alert when there is a vacancy" - is this something you would like while you're sitting at a card table? I could probably add it under the new "game info" widget, although it will take some time before I can get that working.

2) I like the idea of doing alerts. I'll look into this to see how much work it would require.

It would help if you explain the scenario(s) for the alerts. E.g. are you playing alone at a table with robots and you want to know if there's an opening at a table with human players? Or are you sitting at a private table and want to know if another private table has opened up which you can join?


Anonymous said...

Hi Marya. Is the site down today? It's Aug 6 at a little after 6 p.m. EDT. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if the site is down today. It's Tuesday, Aug 6.

Marya said...

Check the blog post site is down, "uplink fiber has been cut" for details.