Wednesday, October 2, 2013

new feature - kick player

Today the site was updated with a new feature which allows players to kick another player out of the game.

Why is this needed? Occasionally, players have been frustrated by another player for various reasons: mainly because they're being rude or abusive, or at times because they appear to have left the game (and the computer is playing for them).

In these cases, it would be pleasant to have a way to boot such an antisocial player from the game, and hope that someone better joins the table.

That's what the "kick player" feature is about. If a majority of players vote to kick a player off the table, that player gets ejected! So if there are two human players at a table, a single vote will cause the player to be kicked. If there are three or four players, it takes two votes.

Voting to kick a player has a side effect. The player that you voted to kick is added to your list of "disliked players." The site will never seat you with these players again. If you wish to "undo" the effect of kicking a player, it's simple. Click on your user name in the upper right corner, and scroll down to the "Manage Dislikes" area. There, you'll see a list of all the players that you've kicked. Just click the "(remove)" link next to the player's name, and the system will forget that you ever disliked this player, so you may be seated with them in the future.

kick player feature

The screenshot above shows how it works. Guest #81 at the bottom hovered the cursor over the cogwheel graphic next to Guest #2. This causes a tool tip to be displayed which says "kick player?" Next, Guest #81 clicked on the cogwheel, causing a button to appear in the lower left corner, just above the chat button, labeled with "Kick Guest #2". When this button is clicked, it is registered as a vote to kick the player from the game. In a two-player game, the player is immediately ejected.

Again, if you kicked someone by mistake, and want to undo this action, go to the "Manage Dislikes" area of your profile and click the "(remove)" link. See the screenshot below:

manage dislikes

To get to this area, click on your user name, which opens your settings panel. Below that you will see the "Manage Dislikes" area, with a list of players that you've voted to kick. Any players you want to "forgive" can be removed from the list here. You may have to use a scrollbar to view your "Manage Dislikes" area, depending on how many options show up in the profile area.

Let me know how you feel about this new feature in the comments. I hope it helps in the rare cases when it's necessary.


Anonymous said...

I love this option as unfortunately there are some rude and abusive players. Why I have no idea as its purpose is to enjoy and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Marya. I like this feature. I was wondering if there a way of selecting players that you do not want to play with PRIOR to a game. There are a few players I would rather not even start a game with. They are not abusive, rather very chatty and tend to tease other players who do not chat. It is very distracting. A friend of mine who plays on your site is rehabilitating from a stroke. He loves the game and the independence of using the computer to play his cards but is being teased for not chatting &/or taking too long. At this point in his is unable to coordinate the chat feature and play the game at the same time.

Marya said...
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Marya said...

Hi Anon @ Oct 6 5:18 - Currently, there's no way to "dislike" players other than by meeting them.

I can see why you'd like this, though. In fact, the term "dislike" is not accurate for these cases - as you mention, there are some people you'd prefer not to play with, not necessarily because you dislike them. In any case, while you can't do it now, I'm considering adding this ability in the future.

I'm sorry that people are teasing others for not chatting. They probably don't mean any harm by it, and don't think about the reasons that some people have for not chatting. They should realize that there's no obligation to chat - it's possible that other players don't even speak their language!

One feature I'd like to add is the ability to mute chats altogether. If you don't want to chat, for any reason at all, the chat button will be disabled and you won't see chats appear on your screen. This does put you at a bit of a disadvantage, I think; people might talk about you "behind your back" or even cheat at cards. Hopefully that won't happen so much, but it wouldn't surprise me if it does, at times.

HankWheelie0 said...

Good thoughts, but persnally I like a "chatty" game. Shortcuts like wd or wp (well done or played) are good. ty (thank you), etc. It makes it freindlier. What I DON'T like are players just dropping in then leaving without saying anything.

HANK said...

This should be very open. Some playeys prefer not to chat for reasons of thier own, but 'hiding' these so PLEASE don't add the ability to mute chats altogether!

Marya said...

Hi HANK @ Nov 16 1:47 AM,

I've had a few people request that chat be muted. For reasons of their own, they prefer not to see chats at all.

I don't see any problem with this, except for the problems I discussed in my blog comment just above. I wonder why you think it would be so bad?