Wednesday, November 13, 2013

server glitch - site was rebooted

The server suffered a glitch last night, and the site was malfunctioning for a few hours. It's back up and running this morning! Sorry for the inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how the point systems works on spade. Are we partners and do I points count together. I've notice when I get the addition books we need it puts us in the minus

Marya said...

Hi Anonymous @ Dec 15,

Yes, you are partners. Tricks earned are counted together for the team, so it is the total of your tricks which needs to satisfy the total bid. For example, if you bid 2 tricks and your partner bids 3 tricks, then your team must take 5 tricks in total to earn 50 points. If you wind up taking 2 tricks but your partner takes 3, the total is satisfied. So you will earn the 50 points.

There is one exception, when a partner bids nil. If someone bids nil, they must satisfy the nil bid in order for their team to win 100 points. If they take even one trick, then they lose 100 points for the team. Also, any tricks which the nil-bidder takes do not count towards the partner's bid - in this case, the partner of a nil-bidder must satisfy the bid without help from their partner.