Monday, January 13, 2014

oops! "replace robots" feature has been pulled back

After I applied the changes for the "replace robots" feature this morning, the server ran smoothly for about 8 hours. But then something went wrong, and the site started to behave poorly. A big thank you to everyone who alerted me to the problem.

I wasn't able to figure out what went wrong immediately, so I just pulled back the changes and reverted to the previous version of the site. Sorry to have to do that, but it's the safest thing! I'll work on the new feature some more to see if I can figure out what went wrong.

Most of the responses I've had about the feature were positive. So I hope to get it back online soon.


no bots plz said...

This is the first time I have used the comment section. I'm still new to this.

I think this could be a very useful feature. I hope can figure out the problem and make the feature available again.

Marya said...

Glad to see you here in the comments! :) I'm currently debugging the issue... with any luck I will get it fixed soon. I'm also anxious to get this released again!