Friday, January 17, 2014

please report bugs or issues

Hi everyone! This is a public service announcement :)

Please let me know about bugs or issues. I love to get bug reports! (This may seem strange - but how else will I know what's wrong?)

I do know that there are some problems with the site, in particular the fact that it "freezes" sometimes. I've been trying to get a handle on that, without success so far. But if it happens to you, it's useful if you notify me - it will give me an idea how often it occurs. And if you can give me any details about the computer or device that you use to play with, all the better.

If you've reported an issue, and it hasn't been fixed yet - my apologies! I have to prioritize bug fixes, and can't always fix something very quickly.

If you report something more than once, don't worry! I don't consider this nagging. It's nice to know that people care enough about World of Card Games to really want the bug fixed.

You can contact me at


no bots plz said...

You know me, I always will report anything unusual. And, I "bug"(no pun intended)the players that play with me to do the same. Hopefully, now you will see an increase in reports of problems...

davidly said...

I don't mind playing with all bots when no one is around. The biggest problem is that they ALWAYS lead a low trump when the other team orders it up, which I don't need to tell you almost never works. It's not good practice to play for or against that strategy, though the results it yields are interesting to say the least.

Marya said...

Glad to hear that someone doesn't mind the robots (too much)! They're pretty good in Go Fish, but they really need work in all the other games.

I totally agree that their strategy is faulty... I so much want to work on this. I've had a few more urgent tasks come up, and had to put improving the robot game play on a back burner. But it will happen, eventually, I promise!

amazinautgrs said...

guest 209 seem to be here to just cause problems, leaving games and bidding 13, help!

Marya said...

Hi amazinautgrs!

Generally it's best to contact me directly with complaints about a specific player. I will ban people who generate a lot of complaints.

There are many guests on the site, and guest numbers expire and get reused. So if you want to notify me about a specific guest, you should give me the Guest number, and the time (including time zone) when they were playing. This will help me pin down the problem.

Generally, it's best to "dislike" a guest player if they are misbehaving. This works for most cases (for both registered players and Guests). If the guest is a "new user" (meaning they haven't played much at the site - currently this is indicated by a yellow user name), it may mean that they are just trying out the site and don't understand the rules. Or it can mean they are trying to annoy people for their own peculiar motives. In this case, using the "Exclude New Users" option can help.