Sunday, January 12, 2014

why do players abandon games near the end?

davidly wrote in a comment to this blog,
"Not infrequently, a losing player will leave the game as late as during the last hand, the last trick of the last hand, or even before the screen registers their loss...
...this usually prompts a reaction in the chat regarding being a poor sport. But the registered opponents remain--I assume, so that they'll get the win. I have to wonder if they consider that waiting for the next player to happen along is just as unfair as the original player's having left the game in the first place: the remaining players are just as selfishly sticking the new person with an undeserved loss."
Interesting comment!

I don't understand people who leave a game when losing. Don't get me wrong; I don't like losing! But who wants to win all the time? What would be the challenge in that?

I'm a "completionist" - I want to see the game through to its completion. Maybe I'm a little OCD in this respect? I always figured that many others are the same way - the people sticking around at the end of a game just want to finish the darn game, no matter who wins or loses. It had not occurred to me that they are sticking around to score a win. But I'm not the only one waiting to accept my loss; I've noticed many others doing this. So I think there are a bunch of other completionists like me out there.

I'm surprised if it's true that people are willing to sit around waiting for some "sucker" to come in and finish the game, just so that they will get one more win added to their score. Maybe these are the same people who leave early when they are losing?

World of Card Games does not yet have rankings, so your win/loss ratio is something only you will know about yourself - and if you refuse to accept losses, then you must know that your win ratio is high exactly because of your poor sportsmanship in leaving a game early! I find it peculiar that anyone would gloat over a score earned in this manner.

Failing to accept a loss in a simple game of cards strikes me as extremely childish. But you will run into people like this when you play on the internet. I've played in-person games with full-grown adults who take losing very poorly as well, so it doesn't surprise me that people have even worse behavior online.

One of the main reasons I play is because I enjoy the combination of strategizing and socializing. Winning is fun, but I've enjoyed many games where I lose terribly. How about you?


cBe said...

I prefer to be at tables that allow robots. When one of these type of people leave just before the end of the game, we can get a robot in to finish it off. Otherwise it is not fair for another human to be automatically seated in a losing seat. If that does happen then i try to explain and apologise via the Chat.

I too like to finish the games. It it more about the beauty of people playing the game well, than about winning.

I also want to retain my statistics rating for "Games Finished". Perhaps later when there is a bigger pool of players, there could be an table option to only sit with players that have a high rating.

Marya said...

cBe - I like your attitude; if possible, it's better not to stick someone in a losing seat, so finishing a game with a bot makes life easier.

Personally, I don't mind coming into a poor hand near the end of a game. I don't give a hoot about my stats, so I don't mind if I get stuck with a loss. And I don't feel "invested" in such a game, so I don't take it personally when I lose. But I understand that not everyone is like me. Eventually I'd like to allow more choices (e.g. people could choose to join an existing game or only start fresh). But until the site gets more players, this is not realistic.

Perhaps later when there is a bigger pool of players, there could be an table option to only sit with players that have a high rating.

Yes! Eventually I want to add a "reputation score" of some kind - better behaved people will have a higher reputation, and will be seated with those like them. The "games finished" stat will probably be part of that. There aren't enough players for that yet, but hopefully one day....

Anonymous said...

I am currently in the situation where the game is over, but one of the people then left before the hand ended. No robots are allowed and so the other people left too (I am in the lead). What bugs me is not that I am going to get the win, but I don't like leaving the game. In other words, it is the "Games Abandoned" statistic that I try to avoid--I guess I am a "completionist" too. This is the case when I am losing too. If you could figure out a way to allow robots just to finish out a final hand, that would be great.

Marya said...

Thanks for your comment! One thing to keep in mind is that most people, sooner or later, will be put in the position where it really makes sense to abandon a game (it's kind of silly to sit around waiting at an empty table so that the last card can be played). So if you are mainly concerned about your "Games Abandoned" statistic, you needn't be - you won't come out worse than the average player.

In contrast, people who abandon games at the drop of a hat, or frequently abandon because they are losing, will have a much worse abandoned stat than the average player who hangs in and accepts their losses.

In any case, I may eventually add the ability to call in a robot if someone abandons the game right near the end. I will put more thought into this.

Anonymous said...

what I HATE is the player who is mad at something so bids 13 in spades then leave sticking their partner or the table

is there a way to combat this? Usually an unregistered guest so they remain anonymous.

Marya said...

Currently, you can "dislike" unregistered Guests, which is often effective. Another option is to play with registered guests only. I realize this often involves a longer wait, though, so I'm working on other solutions.