Thursday, June 12, 2014

twenty-nine bug fix

A couple of players pointed out to me that there was a bug in the game Twenty-Nine: after the first hand of cards was finished, bids no longer showed up in each player's nameplate. This made it harder to choose a suit because people weren't sure who had bid what... especially if they came into a game in progress.

This is now fixed. I've also added a little bit of information about the previous bid history. If a player has made at least two bids, their previous bid will show in parentheses. See the screenshot below:

twenty-nine: the previous bid shows in parentheses
In this scenario, you are Guest #89. You previously bid 15, and most recently bid 18. Guest #77 previously bid 16 but their current bid is 19. The dealer has only bid once; their initial bid was 17. HAL 9000 has passed twice in a row.

I hope this change helps to make the game more fun! Please let me know if you spot any more problems.


Anonymous said...

I want to draw developer's attention in the following cases: (1) Lowest call is 16, But here 15 (2) No options for 7th card color (3) No options for Double or Redouble (4) Color is auto showed, But if anyone want to see the color then it should be shown (5) Pair isn't accepted Immediate after color show (6) Many time notice that Opponent Call 18, So we need 11 to Befeat them But we need 12(one more than neede) to defeat. (7) If anyone have 4 jack then game also continued. (8) Opponent team Have no color card, But game is continued. ............... ............... 29 must be in it's please update these problems

Marya said...

Hi Anon,

I've used Pagat's rules for 29, as described here:

(1) Lowest bid is 15, by the standard rules.

(2) and (3) Seventh card, and double/redouble are variants. I will probably add these as options, when I have some time to do so.

(4) I don't see any variants of the rule that allow the trump color to be shown on demand.

(5) The standard rule for announcing the Pair is that it is allowed only after the team holding it has won a trick.

(6) I am not quite sure what you mean here. It sounds like you might have found a bug in the system. I will look into it.

(7) I don't see a rule about 4 jacks; perhaps this is a variant?

(8) Even if the opponent does not have trump, if it is possible for them to win a trick, the game should continue.