Monday, October 27, 2014

new features! 'like player' icon and table listings

This morning, the server was updated with a couple of new features.

Hopefully everyone knows about the "dislike player" icon that can help you avoid players you don't like... (if you don't, go take a look at the blog post which describes it). Now, you have a way to keep track of players that you like as well! There's a yellow star next to each player:
like this player
Click the yellow star to "like" the player. This adds them to your "liked player list." You can edit this list by clicking on your player name at the upper right, and scrolling down to the "Manage Likes" section.

Another new feature is the table listings area. Use the "list of tables" link at the lower left corner to open a panel that displays card games with available seats:
table listings
Notice the emphasis on "available" - only tables where you are allowed and that have open seats are shown. For example, if you are not a registered user, and there's a table that allows "Registered Users Only" with openings, it will not be displayed in the list. Full tables with games in progress are not shown either.

The list displays registered users with a green "R" while Guests are indicated by the letter "G" and robots are a pink "B". A yellow star () indicates a player that you have liked. Empty seats are indicated with an open square (☐). Relevant information is displayed about the table as well.

You may click on an empty seat, indicated by an open square, to take that seat. Be aware that if the seat is taken before the panel updates, you won't be able to take that seat! So grab it quick if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like this....Thank you....

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, don't like it anymore. The list of tables also shows the private table names!

Marya said...

Hi Anon,

It just shows any private table names that you have already set yourself in your Options tab. If you don't trust me, you can test this by changing your private table name using the Options button (but don't forget to change it back!).

So if you've chosen a specific private table name by clicking on the Options button, you will see any table(s) with that name in the table listings.

I should be clear: this only applies for private table names for the same game. So e.g. if you have "test1" set for Spades, you will not see a private table with the name "test1" for Hearts - unless you also have chosen that name for Hearts as well.

Also, if you have the private table option unchecked, you will still see your designated private tables in the listings. Again this is true just for the single private table name you have chosen for each specific game.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marya,

thanks for this improvement - I like it even if I didn't try it yet. Compliments for your work,

Anonymous said...

i like both new features -
question - difference between yellow G and white G?

Marya said...

A yellow G indicates a "new user" - explained here - while a white G is a guest who has been playing at the site for a while.

Anonymous said...

This is a terrific feature: Question: will an available table show up if it includes a player you have disliked?

Marya said...

Hi Anon @ Dec 15 7:43 PM -

Good question! Tables that contain players that you have disliked do not show up in the table listings. Once you've disliked a player, the site will not seat you with them, so there is no point showing such a table in the list.

Unknown said...

How does one select a custom character instead of the assigned "fox"?

Marya said...

Hi Unknown, just click on the "Avatar" link in the upper left corner of the screen. A panel will appear with all available avatars. Click on the one you want to set it for yourself.

DarkHearts said...

why is table set for no people replacing robots? how to change?

Marya said...

I've added a blog page that describes the difference between replaceable bots and bots that cannot be replaced by humans. Please take a look there.

You can also play with bots and not worry about any human players coming to the table by setting an Option. Make sure this option is not checked if you want to play with humans.