Friday, November 21, 2014

has anyone seen the blank screen bug?

This morning, a player reported to me that they had tried to get to the site for about 1.5 hours, and were repeatedly met with a blank screen that looked like this:
blank page?

Is anyone else experiencing this? Please let me know. You can email me or post in the comments to this blog. I'm trying to get a feel for how frequently it happens.

[Edit: This bug should be fixed as of Dec 5, 2014. Please write me or post a comment if you see it again!]


Anonymous said...

6:30 pm central time 11/21 - experienced this a few times the last several days. If i restart the computer it goes back to normal

Anonymous said...

I get this when I try to join a table and it is full just before I enter.
Refreshing doesn't help either. I have to start a new page.