Friday, March 13, 2015

join the spades league!

I've set up a Spades League called "Jungle Gym Spades" at Here's the FAQ for those who are interested or curious.

jungle gym spades league
(1) What is a league, and why join?

Probably the primary reason that players join a league is to engage in a more competitive form of fun than they find in the casual, "pick-up" games online. MyLeague maintains a ranking system where you can compare your status with others. However, if you are not competitive, keep reading!

Another reason to join is to find like-minded players. A number of people at World of Card Games have set up private tables where people meet and play on a regular basis. You'll never know about these great, fun people unless someone gives you the "secret handshake" to get in. My hope is that joining the league will allow more of these folks to find each other and arrange games at specified times. MyLeague has a forum where you can post messages, and you can send "emails" to other members of the league without having to reveal your own, personal email address.

(2) What is a tournament?

A tournament is just a scheduled game... In league play it is a series of scheduled games. Several teams play, and then the winners are pitted against each other. They might go through several rounds of games before the two last winning teams face off against each other. These types of tournaments will only happen if we get enough players who are interested in it. I don't think we need tournaments to make the league a success, but I hope they will happen if enough people would enjoy them.

(3) Why do I have to join yet another site to be in a league?

In the long-term, I hope to have support for tournaments, personal messaging, and even forums directly at World of Card Games. I've opened the league to make these things available for people who'd like them right now.

(4) I don't play Spades, I want a Euchre league!

Okay! Anyone can start a league, so go ahead! If you'd rather not be an admin, I'm willing to start leagues for Euchre, Hearts, Twenty-Nine, or any of the other games on the site, if there's an interest.

(5) What happens if I join the league?

Time will tell. We need enough players in the league to make it useful to everyone. My suggestion is that after joining, you should post a message to the forum introducing yourself to everyone. That way people can get familiar with others in the league.

(6) Are there any other requirements?

You should be a registered player at World of Card Games. You need a valid email address to sign up with the league - be sure to use the same user name that you use at World of Card Games (that's user name - you do not have to use the same email address, although it is probably helpful to do so). If you have any trouble joining, please write me at One final thing: All league members are expected to be civil to each other! Please be as polite and tolerant to everyone as you would be if they were standing in front of you.


michelle said...

i tryed to join says i have to be invited

Marya said...

It's a bit weird but you need to request an invitation. The request form is here: - let me know if this doesn't work!

Zombie said...

Looking forward to this.

Centurion is interested also...

Marya said...

Zombie, :) don't be shy! Use the contact link in the comment above and you can join. We've now got 4 players, and I'm hoping to try out scheduling a game soon!

Anonymous said...

Register'd .. Count me In

The Rev

Anonymous said...

Reg, I'm ready

Anonymous said...

registered and was suppose to play game but could not figure out where to go to play,
tried to send partner a message but no response,


Marya said...

stillmysty, there you are! Sorry you didn't make it. Please contact me - - and we'll hash out the details of what happened and how to proceed in the future - Marya

Anonymous said...

ok tks, will email u

Unknown said...

Hi My user name is Benno {the cat] I suggested to Marya about a euchre tournament,I think it would be fun.The only difference would be you would have a regular partner through the whole Tournament.I guess Marya will inform us where to sign up.Thx all Benno