Tuesday, August 18, 2015

extra private table names, changes to Pinochle

I applied some fixes and updates to the server this morning.

First, it is now possible to store up to 4 extra private table names. I've written a separate blog post about this.

Double Deck Pinochle was recently introduced at World of Card Games. Immediately, I got some reports of performance issues with the game when played on Internet Explorer! I believe I have fixed this. If you had trouble before, give it a try and let me know if you still have trouble.

I also got comments that the cards in DD Pinochle are usually sorted with the high cards to the right. I've changed the game accordingly. I hope it will not be too confusing to beginners who may have become accustomed to the old sort order!

Also for DD Pinochle: if you click the "Show Meld" button, you are now shown the total of your meld:
Show Meld view now displays total meld points
This should speed up the bidding process. Please remember that when clicking the "Show Meld" button, you are only shown melds in your hand that do not require a trump suit to be chosen. This means you will not see "royal marriages" or "runs". It would get confusing showing runs - what if you had a run in two different suits? It's the same for royal marriages.

I've made some elements of the "Meld View" larger. This is what you see once trump has been chosen. Here's an example:
Previously, all types of melds were listed to the left of the "mini-cards", even if you had none of those melds. Now, as you can see, meld types are shown only if you have them. For example, in the screenshot above, Guest #48 has 1 run, 1 clubs marriage, and 1 kings around. Aces around, etc., are not listed because she has none. Please let me know if you have any trouble with this new, larger format.


Anonymous said...

Please I want to draw attention, private tables should be banned from world of card games. People are more interested to play with their own friends rather than with other people. Always it shows that many players are playing but we can not find a full table. It indicates that they are playing in a private table. Please ban it Please.

Marya said...

I won't ban private tables.

I think you have a mistaken impression of what you are seeing in the "list of tables". This list only shows tables that have seats that are open to you. There's no point in showing you a table that is filled, with no openings.

Also, tables that have a player who has disliked you (or you disliked a person there) are not shown. And tables where you cannot be seated are not shown. For example, if you are a Guest and the table is for "Registered Players Only" then you will not be shown that table, even if it has openings.

The vast majority of games at World of Card Games take place at public tables. If you want the most access, take my advice: 1) Register! Most players are more open to playing with registered players. They may even seek you out if they recognize your name. 2) Be polite and nice - even if someone is rude to you. Most people prefer to play in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. When someone says something rude or cranky, they tend to get "disliked", which means fewer tables are available for them.

Anonymous said...

thank you somuch