Monday, August 10, 2015

Likes and Dislikes at World of Card Games

You have some control over who you play with at World of Card Games.

If you are a Registered Player, you can choose to play with other Registered Players only by setting your table option that way. It works like this: Click the "Options" button for the game you are interested in playing - e.g. Hearts:

the Options button
Next, check the "Registered Players Only" checkbox. (You may be less selective, and click the "Exclude New Users" checkbox, too. That way you'll be choosing to play with people who have played a few games at the site - this often keeps out the riff-raff.)

Now you will be seated with Registered Players Only
You can fine-tune your preferences at the level of individual players, too.

Suppose you've found a player whose playing style you really like. You want to be able to remember them very easily, without keeping a huge list of names. In this case, I recommend "liking" them. Click the "like" icon which appears to their right:
How to "like" a player

Liked players always appear as a star in the "list of tables":
When you hover your mouse over the star in the list, you will see the person's name. You can manage your likes by clicking on your user name - you will see a list of liked players, and the date when you "liked" them.

You can also "dislike" a player. Suppose someone has been rude to you, or you dislike the way they play. In this case, click the red/white x icon to their left:
Doing this doesn't immediately kick the player from your table. However, once you leave the table, you will never be seated with them again. They will never show up in your "list of tables", either. It is as if they do not play at the site, from your perspective.

You can manage your "disliked player" list by clicking on your user name, shown in the upper right corner of the screen - scroll down to view your list of liked players, disliked players, and players whose chats are hidden:
Manage Likes and Dislikes list
Currently, you may "like" and "dislike" up to 500 players. If you find you reach the limit, you may want to drop a few older ones off the list. In particular, if you've disliked a lot of Guests, the older ones may no longer even come to the site, and there's no point in keeping them on your list.


Anonymous said...

I know how the "likes" and "dislikes" work. But, explain how disliking a guest works. Doesn't the guest number change? I thought that if you disliked a guest, it would only be for that day or for as long as they play on a particular day. I have started as one guest number and ended the day as another guest number. So disliking a guest wouldn't accomplish much.

Marya said...

Hi Anon @ Aug 10 7:04 AM -

Guest numbers do get recycled (otherwise the numbers would be so huge that they couldn't even be displayed).

However, the site assigns a unique id to each player. This unique id is effectively what you are "disliking" so it works for Guests or Registered Players.

I should point out that unless one has supernatural powers, one cannot entirely block annoying people at any website in the world. It's easy to get a fresh/fake email address, and register using that, even at sites that require registration. That's a different problem. To address that, you really do need an "opt-in" approach, where you selectively allow only certain players to play with you. This probably puts you back to using Private Tables.

This is sort of what sites like Facebook do - people can send you a friend request, and then you can allow them to be friends with you.

I am planning to add a feature that will allow players to more easily send "private table names" to each other. Currently you can only share private table names via chat, or using other means if you already know someone personally.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I like that idea of disliking a certain id. Now I do understand. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I would like to be able to add a dislike/like manually. Sometimes the player leaves a table with a disparaging comment and it is too late to dislike them. Also, it would be nice to add someone to a like list after the game has ended.

Marya said...

Very understandable... I hope I will have the time to add these features one day!

Anonymous said...

Various people are under the impression that 3 players at a Hearts table unanimously click the "X" on the 4th player, that player (the 4th) will be kicked off the table. I keep saying it doesn't work... but do think it would be a good idea so the players who strike (sit there and refuse to play) can be ousted...

Marya said...

It's true, the kick feature does not work at the non-team games at the site. You can imagine that people might abuse this to kick a winning player, simply because the person is winning.

In contrast, in a Spades game, for example, your partners and your opponents all have to kick you to get you off the table. It seems reasonable to assume you are doing something pretty wrong for that to happen.

vicki said...

how many different hands in rummy are there? they are starting to look familiar.

vicki said...

In Rummy how many different hands are there. They are starting to look Familiar.

Marya said...

There are many, many different hands. I suspect the reason that they start to look similar is because they are sorted as soon as they fall into your hand. If they were not sorted, they would look less similar.