Tuesday, December 8, 2015

new euchre option to avoid stick the dealer

If you're one of those players who hates the "Stick the Dealer" (STD) rule in Euchre at World of Card Games, you now have an option to avoid it.

Stick the Dealer option
Open your "Options" for Euchre. The new option is called "Stick the Dealer". By default, it is set to "Either". It is the least restrictive option. If you keep it this way, you'll be seated most quickly, at any Euchre table, no matter whether the rule is applied or not. If you are first to the table, the STD rule is applied.

If you really like the STD rule, you may want to click "Yes" for this option. This means you will be seated only at tables where the STD rule applies. If you are first to the table, the STD rule is applied.

If you strongly dislike the rule, click "No" for this option, and you'll be seated at tables where the rule is not applicable. If you are first to the table, the STD rule is not applied.

Note that Euchre tables where STD is applied are shown with the notation 'std' in the list of tables. In the screenshot below, the ranked Euchre table has STD applied, while the unranked one (which is for Registered Players Only - 'reg only') does not:
STD applies at all ranked Euchre games
If you are seated at a Euchre table, and you want to know whether the STD rule is enforced, just click the "table info" link in the lower left corner. It will show you all the options that apply to the game:
Euchre table info shows Stick the Dealer option

There were a few other updates this morning.

The Euchre bots have been tinkered with, so they should play a little better now. If you see them make a particularly bad move, you can always send me the hand history so I can look into the problem.

The Pinochle bots had a problem with their meld bids, and this should now be fixed as well.

In Hearts, the rule for who gets points when shooting the moon has been modified. Now, points are deducted from the shooter's score, unless adding points to the other players' scores keeps (or puts) the shooter in first place.

There's also a new "welcome" banner that can be clicked to find out more about ranked tables. You can play ranked Hearts games already. Rankings will come to other games in the next few months.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this long-awaited change.
However- when the table has passed around twice and it is up to the dealer to 'Select a Suit', that is all it says- 'Select a Suit'. The button for 'Pass' is lit up but I think the wording within the highlighted area should say 'Select a Suit or Pass'.
I have seen players that do not know that they can pass at that point, do not recognize that the 'Pass' button is lit, and continue to bid as if it was STD.
A quick change to the wording in the highlighted area would fix this.
Thanks again for the change.

Marya said...

Thank you for mentioning this to me. I will take a look to see what I can do about it - I did not anticipate this problem.

Anonymous said...

I am still seeing players keep playing as if it was std because the wording only says "Select a Suit" instead of "Select a Suit or Pass".
On another note- if you would like to speed up the game then you could get rid of the worthless tricks after one team gets their 3 tricks and the other team gets 1. The outcome has been decided by then- (there won't be a 'march' or a 'euchre' so the point could be awarded)- and players wouldn't have to wait to throw their worthless last cards in. The same could be said about the tricks following a 'euchre'- that they are worthless and just take up time. The points could be awarded as soon as 1 team is 'euchred'. Would make for a faster game. Just a suggestion.

Marya said...

Hi! I've already fixed the problem, but it will not be "live" on the site until I've finished making some other changes. The site is only updated every few weeks, so please be patient.

Regarding speeding up the game: personally, I have no real objection to making these sorts of changes. There is already a TRAM ('The Rest Are Mine') functionality in games like Hearts and Spades. However, I sometimes get feedback that people like to see the last cards that are played, even if there is no choice about them. The complaint is that they want to see which cards were held, to understand how their opponents' or partner's plan. So they dislike TRAM. Trying to accomodate everyone in this respect doesn't work - some will be unhappy with TRAM and others really want it. Since Euchre is already a fairly fast game, I don't think that adding TRAM would be a huge improvement, although I do understand your point of view.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding. Understood on having some patience. No problem, and thanks for addressing the problem.
The reason I mentioned the 'TRAM' idea is because I saw that speeding up the game was used as a rationale for not eliminating std , or having it as a option only. I agree that the game should be fast enough already and that no fix is needed. It was just a suggestion, not a request. Thanks very much.

Marya said...

I did understand what you meant about speeding up the game... I would add TRAM if I thought it would help considerably speed up the game. But I suspect that in a game like Euchre, more people would be against it rather than in favor of it (with only 5 cards, the remaining cards can tell you a lot more than in other games). I haven't had requests for TRAM in Euchre, other than your suggestion.

Thanks for your patience!

Marya said...

The message for the dealer is now "Select a Suit or Pass" for games where STD is not enforced, as of Jan 31 2016. I hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Tonight at a Hearts game there was a player who continuously bullied and insulted other players. He/she/it also waited until the timer played his card each time, thus slowing the game on purpose. This was most annoying. How can this be handled other than to leave the game?

Marya said...

Hi and sorry for the bad experience! If someone is not really playing the game, please report them to me. Give me their name (or Guest number) and the approximate time when it happened, including your time zone. I will investigate to see if they need to be banned from the site.

In Spades and Twenty-Nine, if 3 players "dislike" a 4th player, then that player is kicked from the table. I have not allowed this in Hearts, because it could be abused by people voting to kick a winning player. I wouldn't expect this to be a problem in team games.

It's probably obvious, but you do want to "dislike" this player (click the red/white x next to them). This way, you will not be seated with them in the future.

Anonymous said...

In a pure game of euchre, there is no such thing as stick the dealer. You should keep it as an option, however, it should not be set to STD as the default.