Saturday, March 5, 2016

server update, new features

The server was updated this morning. Sorry for the outage while this was done!

The update applied several improvements:
  1. Twenty-Nine now has the Double / Redouble Option
  2. Double Deck Pinochle players can download hand histories
  3. Gin Rummy players can see the size of the stock pile
In addition, the site uses a new audio library that works on more devices. I have an Android tablet where alerts are now audible, so this is an improvement for Android users, at least. [Edit Mar 12 2016: I want to mention that this library breaks the site for versions of the web browser Opera that are earlier than 11.60. Sorry! But that is a pretty old version of Opera, from Dec 2011. Please upgrade if you are using this browser. Thank you to Doriano for bringing this to my attention!]

Players at ranked Hearts tables now have a 2-minute grace period to return to their table if they get disconnected, causing them to leave the table (note that this does not apply if you click the "leave table" link - if you do this, you will be warned of the penalty, and it does apply). If you've ever been frustrated because you were kicked from a ranked Hearts table due to an internet disruption, I hope this helps. Note that the remaining players at the table are free to call on a bot to replace you during the 2-minute grace period. However, as soon as you return to the site, you will replace that bot, provided it is within 2 minutes of your leaving.

At all games, it has sometimes been a problem that a player would hit the backspace button, intending to erase a character in their chat, but it got interpreted as telling the browser to "go back" to the previous page. It would get you kicked from your table unless you returned to the site very quickly! With today's update, the backspace button is ignored unless it's used within a text input field. I hope this problem is solved, now.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am especially excited about the [Backspace] behavior, since I have been a victim of that more than a few times.

T. Gray

Marya said...

Thanks! If anyone continues to have trouble with that, please let me know. I've tested and tested, and so far as I can tell, the backspace key will not take you off a table anymore.

Anonymous said...

Good job Marya,
but I have a problem: this new audio library raises an error "audio-gallery" which stops javascript, so the page gets interrupted and I can play no more... surely I have an older browser, but I think it is not completely my fault. I can provide more details if needed.


Marya said...

Hi Doriano,

Please send me an email ( so we can discuss what is going on. I would like to fix this asap!


Marya said...

Thank you for reporting this, Doriano! In case anyone else is interested or has this problem... it turns out that the version of Opera (11.52) that Doriano was using is somewhat older. It does not support some of the code used in the new audio library. In particular, the method Object.defineProperty is unsupported.

According to the Opera group, version 11.52 is rather out-of-date, from 2011.

Since I have limited resources, I decided it's okay not to support this old a version of a browser... I hope this does not inconvenience anyone!

Hari Om said...

Adding double to 29 was nice! Brings more risk to the game.
Can you please replace the exaggerated Cash Register tringgg when someone joins to some other more subtle audio? It is irritating when people join and leave without playing.

Marya said...

That audio file is actually a shop-bell. Isn't it possible to just turn down the volume on your speakers? Or do you think that the volume is much louder than other sounds?

Anonymous said...

I agree, it's really annoying and sounds corny.

Unknown said...

I cant get the page to open itsays wrong address

Marya said...

Hi! I need more info if I am to help you... you can send me an email at with more specific details of what is going wrong.