Monday, June 27, 2016

list of tables updated, pause button added

With this morning's update, the list of tables has been modified so that it is disabled for about half a second while updating. This should help players avoid clicking on the wrong table by accident.

Pause and Continue buttons have been added to public tables. These buttons will be familiar to those who play at private tables. The difference is that at public tables, all players must vote to pause by clicking the Pause button. Also, the pause lasts for 2 minutes only before the game restarts. And if any single player hits the Continue button, the game will restart. This is to avoid inconveniencing someone who does not want to wait.

Pause and Continue buttons
The Pause button will be useful primarily to players who know each other well. It is polite to hit the Pause button if someone requests it, but you should not expect that everyone will agree to do so. Please be polite when requesting it.

There's something new for the Euchre players: I was recently made aware of the "Next" strategy in Euchre. Apparently it's pretty well known to more advanced players. I did a few experiments, and found that the bots did pretty well when using it. So I've added it to their strategy. If you are not familiar with this strategy, please read my post about it. When your partner uses this strategy, you need to play your cards accordingly. So watch for it, and I hope you will enjoy winning more Euchre hands with this technique.


Anonymous said...

The refresh every 4 sec is helpful. I am confused as to how the leaderboard is now working, however. My name was removed from the leaderboard for sitting on my rating, but after playing a game yesterday, I find I have not been placed back.

The pause button may be useful in the public tables, but only after the game begins. So I assume this is the case for the ranked tables. Would you please have either a start delay or have it so all players must press start? It would be nice to have a chance to opt out of the game before it begins.

Anonymous said...

Hello, thank you for your wonderful site, i enjoy playing many card games. I was wondering if you would add a Blind nil to spades, if that is possible. Thank you if you read this. Good day. God bless.

Marya said...

The leaderboard is only updated once per day; the new rules should have been applied this morning. If you don't see them taking effect, post again here.

I've added the start button idea to my to-do list, but don't have time for it right now.

Marya said...

I may add blind nil as an option at some point. However, the Spades game does not get enough players to allow for any extra special options, at this time.