Wednesday, November 30, 2016

download hand history fixed in Internet Explorer and Edge

About a week ago, someone reported to me that they tried to download a hand history in Internet Explorer, but a problem occurred - the file was not correctly downloaded.

It turns out that there was a problem with this download in both Internet Explorer and Edge (two common Windows browsers).

As of this morning, the problems have been fixed. So you should now be able to download hand histories for Euchre, Hearts, Spades, and Pinochle.
Click here to download previous hand history
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Some people like to download hand histories so they can review what happened in the previous hand. They are also useful when reporting bad card-playing strategy by the bots. If you want to report such a problem with the bots, it's helpful to me if you email me a copy of the hand history when you saw the problem - that way, I can most easily figure out what went wrong. Without it, it's like searching for a needle in a haystack.


Anonymous said...

mayra I am really sorry but i need to to tell u something i know u wont understand but i really need to say it. pclough is a very bullying character. when ever his partner manages to bag he bullies him. its really annoying to play with him or play as his opponent.

Marya said...

I know that some have been scolded by pclough for taking bags. I think that "bullying" is too strong a word for this behavior. My own opinion is that complaining about your partner's behavior is both rude, and it is table talk, and should be avoided. People who do this are mainly harming themselves, since a lot of people won't tolerate it, and will then avoid playing with them in the future. This makes it harder for them to get a game started.

If you don't like playing with someone at the site, you can use the dislike button to avoid them in the future. You can report people to me for extremely bad behavior, too. There are limits to what will be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

thank you for replying, and sorry it was Marya silly mistake