Saturday, January 7, 2017

fan cards wider in Gin Rummy

With this morning's server update, your cards are now fanned wider by default in Gin Rummy. They look like this, now:
Gin Rummy cards fanned wider
You can go back to the old fanning by unchecking "Fan Cards Wider" in your Settings:
user Settings are opened by clicking your user name
The "Fan Cards Wider" user setting is checked by default.

This is what happens when you uncheck the "Fan Cards Wider" setting:
Gin Rummy with "Fan Cards Wider" unchecked

The server was also updated with some bug fixes. The ability to move your cards around in Gin Rummy had broken in some touchscreen devices. This is now fixed. Also, if you reloaded the web page while sitting at a Gin Rummy table, your cards got resorted. This no longer happens.

Another general bug fix was made so that the F5 key now works to reload the page in your browser when you are sitting at a table.

Finally, the messaging system was broken during last week's update, but it is now functioning again.


Unknown said...

Thanks Mary

Anna said...

It may just be me, but still having issues sorting cards in Gin Rummy. This is using lap top, not touchscreen device. This hasn't happened before tonight for me.

Marya said...

Hi Anna,

I have an email from one other person who says that they have troubles with sorting cards in Gin Rummy after the change I made.

Can you tell me anything about your setup? Operating system and browser type - it would help for me to know what you are using in order to fix this properly. I want to make sure that if I make another change, I don't break things for other people.

There's a website you can visit that will tell you some details about your system - - if you visit that site, you can either copy the results and paste them into an email to me (or reply here), or just send them to me directly by using their form. My email address is

davidly said...

Cool Marya. I'm new to gin rummy here. Why did it suddenly, after a couple of games, stop letting me sort my cards? Thanks, as always.

Marya said...

Hi davidly, Thanks for reporting this issue! Did the problem occur after a couple of games or a couple of hands? Also, can you tell me which browser/version + operating system you are using?

Anna said...

Hi I have just played several games with no further issue. Thought it was worth mentioning. Thanks again.

Marya said...

Hi Anna,

I got your message with the information about your browser, thanks!

Now I see that you say you are not having problems anymore... but I did get an email from someone else who tells me the mouse pointer jerks around in a way that it had not before the recent change. So I'm still looking at this problem to see if there's anything I can do. Please let me know if you have further trouble.