Monday, January 23, 2017

ticking alerts you to time outs

There's now a "tick" audio alert to accompany the hourglass that indicates you are timing out.

This was added to help people who may have been away from their computer when the "gong" sound indicated that the game was starting. If someone doesn't have the browser open to World of Card Games on their desktop when the game starts, they may be timing out while they are doing something else. For example, their browser might be minimized, or they have another browser tab open for reading the news, etc. This new little audio reminder will help to solve that problem.

Thanks to the player who suggested adding this!


Anonymous said...

Very good idea. I joined a game in progress and heard the timer counting down and knew I had to play right away. It worked very well... Thank you, Mary

Marya said...

Glad to hear it!

Hank Wheelie said...

Great, thanks for that

Anonymous said...

I love it! if I could just remember to turn sound up ... *wink*

(this is kaycie)

Anonymous said...

Hello Marya,
If I don't see any ranked Euchre in the list of tables from Homepage, does it mean all ranked tables are taken or I'm kicked out?
Thnk you Marya and All the best to you,

Marya said...

Hi GoToWork,

I see you left a ranked Euchre game before it ended. When this happens, you are banned from ranked Euchre games for the next 2 hours. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if someone disconnects through no fault of their own (e.g. computer crash or internet problems) or through rudeness. The ban penalty is applied because many players find it so very annoying when people quit. I hope you can understand this, although sometimes it seems unfair.

One more remark: it is not possible for all ranked tables to be taken. If a ranked table is in progress, a new ranked table immediately becomes available. So that is never a factor to be concerned about.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Marya for your detailed reply.

Your reply reminds me of an issue. Since I started playing games with my account name GoToWork, I have never left the table in the middle of any games. I lost the tables sometimes because of net issues and sometimes because of not being aware that the games had started.

It is really good to have ticking alerts, but I often work on other things without putting my sound on. I once thought about contacting you to suggest a pop-up alert message, but I didn't do so.

With a pop-up alert message, no matter which page I am on and no matter whether or not I have my sound on, I will see the message pop up whenever somebody joins, especially when the game starts.

I do lots of writing online mainly for posting on my blog or communicating with other people. This type of writing sometimes gets very tense as the flow of my thoughts is so focused and sometimes people's responds deepen the flow or the tense as well. Therefore, I often forget to go back to the table to check if the table is full.

You may wonder why I join a ranked table since I need to do this kind of writing. My answer is that I love playing ranked Euchre and I also need to do writing and other things online. Therefore, I always choose to join a ranked table and then do something else. If the things I did caused me to completely forget about the table I joined, I would simply be kicked out soon after the game started. However, if I remembered the table I joined and went back to check regularly, I would always go back to the table when the game started regardless of where I might have been in my writing.

This scenario obviously needs a pop-up alert message to be managed well, and I guess other players might have had the similar situations.

Would it be possible to add this pop-up alert message? Hopefully it would be possible and feasible :-))

Thank you very much again Marya,

Marya said...

GoToWork, I have thought about doing a pop-up alert in addition to the current ticking noise. It's somewhat more complicated to do an alert, so I don't have time to do this immediately, though... hopefully in the future I will get to this. - Marya

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Marya, I understand and will be very happy whenever you get the pop-up alert in place :-)) All the best to you :)) GoToWork

Anonymous said...

I love the chime, it is a great improvement. I have a suggestion just for speed of play purposes, how about the game automatically plays the final card of any hand? It's kind of annoying to sit and wait for the countdown on the last card when a player isn't paying attention. Thanks for your consideration.