Sunday, March 19, 2017

sort cards in Gin Rummy

The server was updated this morning to apply some changes.

In Gin Rummy, you can now click the "sort" button to sort your cards from left to right or vice versa, by rank.
The sort button toggles between ">" and "<"

Also in Gin Rummy, when you pick a card, it will get added to the right of your hand. This suggestion was made by someone who uses the site on a tablet. It's easier to move a card when you can grab the entire thing and not just an edge. I hope this change won't disturb others too much. I usually dislike making changes to the user interface, but I think the pluses outweigh the minuses, in this case.

[Edit: I see only negative comments below... is there anyone who uses a tablet and likes the new placement that puts your picked card to the right? Feedback from all is welcome!]


Anonymous said...

Very awkward having cards now added to right side. Please go back to the previous setting of left side addition. Took me twice as long as usual for 1 game because of this and frustrating.

Marya said...

Can you explain why this is awkward? Is it just because you are used to it the other way? How do you usually sort cards?

Anonymous said...

I'm a senior who has been card playing for decades and always left to right. It was the way I was taught. The right side reminds me of foreign countries who read right to left and it's so confusing.

Anonymous said...

I don't like it, sorry. It's all backwards. People read from left to right, words, numbers or cards, that's why it's awkward.
Also, I fail to see the value of the sort that puts all the cards backwards. A sort that puts all the cards in order from lowest to highest regardless of suit would be great for me because that's the way I play.

Thanks for all you do,

Anonymous said...

As a tablet player, it is very helpful to have the new card on the right. It is much easier to pick the card with a finger now that the whole card is showing. This allows for much easier movement of the card in my hand. Also, as a real card player that holds my fan in my left hand, I pick my new card with my right hand and put it on the right side, so this is what I am used to in real life. Would it be possible to have this as an option so that both PC and Tablet players can use it?

Anonymous said...

After playing a few games, I can get used to the new card on the right. It's still awkward, but I can adjust if it means that much to enough people. It's the sort that I don't like and will never use as it is now.


Marya said...

Kaycie - You'd mentioned that you like a straightforward rank-sorting (meaning sorting by value alone, without regards to the suit of the cards)... does anyone else want this? I'll be watching for more feedback.

Anonymous said...

I tried a few times and felt awkward to have the card to be located in the right hand; however I can imagine how it would help the tablet player to have the new way. As to the direction, I only need one way, i.e., from left to right and feel that it would be a very good idea to have a button to refresh the order for both users. Specifically, it means that I just need to click the button once, and the order will be sorted from left to right based on suits (and of course from the smallest to the largest).
No idea how difficult this would be for Marya to work on. It would be ok for me to accommodate if it is too difficult to manipulate the function for both users.
Do not want the players who disagree with me to be upset, so I am posting this just to give feedback only.
Thank Marya for her great care to the players.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I always resort by value.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but no more Gin Rummy for me. I tried and just too confusing and awkward. I'll stay with my other 2 favorites, though.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marya, I am playing this game and suddenly realized that the added arrow had been actually really helpful. It would be really nice if the current arrow button can be divided into two separate ones. This way, both kinds of players would be satisfied, I suppose :)). So far, I have been clicking twice each time to get the cards to be sorted in order :)).

As to the picked card, I feel it might be solving the issue if it is still put in the left hand side but simply pulled out more (e.g., almost the whole card could be seen) so that the tablet players can use their fingers to grab the whole card :)).

Hope my new thoughts would help in somewhat way :))

Thank you very much and all the best to you, GoToWork

Marya said...

The current arrow button just toggles between the two settings. By default, cards are sorted by suit first (Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, Hearts), and then by rank within the suit - low to high. So: Ace, 2, 3, ... Queen, King.

If you click the arrow one time, sorting is done in the exact opposite order: Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, Clubs. And then by rank, high to low: King, Queen, ... 3, 2, Ace.

If you click the arrow again, it goes back to the previous sorting.

As far as sorting goes, then I think everyone is covered, unless you want a straightforward sort by ranking (like Kaycie wants), with suits being ignored (e.g. all the Aces would be together regardless of suit). I may add that if there's demand.

Thank you for the suggestion on the picked card. That is one way to do it... I don't know if it would help enough for those who are using tablets, though.

Marya said...

I'm confused about the problem... is it moving the picked card to the right which is the problem? Sorting can be toggled, so it works for people who want it either way.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know the arrow button toggles between the two settings and I like the default sorting. What I was trying to say but didn't express clearly enough was that I used the button several times during each session and thus I had to click the button twice to get the sorting I wanted each time when I wanted to sort the cards.

If there are two buttons (they might look like this: > <) , then I just need to click one of them (>) once whenever I want to sort the cards.

However, I do understand this might affect players' feel and some of them might be annoyed by adding too many buttons. Therefore, please simply ignore my suggestion on this if you feel it might be causing new troubling responses :-))

I like the default sorting but neither the other one nor the straightforward sort you described.

Thank you for agreeing and taking great care to us, players, :)) and all the best to you, GoToWork

Marya said...

GoToWork, some of them might be annoyed by adding too many buttons - yup, exactly! I might add 2 sort buttons, and then there'd be another request for sorting of a different kind, and next thing you know there are several more buttons and the page is cluttered with stuff. It's not a big deal on a large screen, but some people use smaller devices or just have small screens.

I'll wait for more feedback. I'm just not sure what people want most - maybe most people are fine with it as it originally was!

Anonymous said...

At first, the change to having the new card placed on the right was somewhat disorientating. But I quickly got used to it and it was no problem. I actually like the extra button that allows my hand to be sorted between suit or suit and rank. It gives me a quick view of a different perspective. I think it is a good addition.

What I am having a current problem with, is actually off-topic for the thread commenting on this new feature.

Java! Always a problem with Java, never ending.

As of March 2017 beginning with version 52, Firefox dropped support for all NPAPI plugins except flash. That means that I get the warning that I cannot play WoCG in my Firefox browser because 'Java is not enabled'. Web APIs are designed to replace these NPAPI plugins, but as I understand it, they must be built into a website, and are not something that a user would/could integrate into their browser.

According to Oracle, if a website is not built using APIs, the only solution is to use an alternative browser such as IE, safari or other depending on OS, that does support Java. This may be helpful for other WoCG players to know, and for you as well, if you get queries about this issue.

I love your site. I have countless happy hours playing card games on it. Thank you for making it and maintaining it for so many to enjoy.
Thanks, Marya.

Marya said...

Hi Kate,

I believe there is some confusion, because World of Card Games does not use Java.

It uses Javascript, a completely different programming language, which is considered the language of the web. All modern browsers support this language, and it is not a plugin.

I would very much like to see the message that you are getting. Is it possible for you to send me a screenshot?

I am using Firefox 52.0, and I get no message saying 'Java is not enabled'. In fact, I don't even have the Java plugin installed in Firefox.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply.

I can't get you a screenshot because the site again works for me with Firefox, a few hours later. So the message does not appear anymore.

Yesterday when I could not access WoCG using FF, I used IE for a while. Later, I came back to the pc and opened FF and went to WoCG, and it accessed the site just fine and all features work smoothly. A day later I have no recurrence of the problem of message.

No idea what this was about.

That said, I'm happy to know that I will continue to be able to use FF to access your site regardless of what changes Mozilla has in store for FF. Again, thank you for your quick response and taking the time to do so.


Marya said...

Kate, I'd appreciate it if you'd send a screenshot, if possible, if this happens again! I'm glad the problem is gone, and hope it does not return! - Marya

Anonymous said...

Will do. Thanks, Marya!

Anonymous said...

When a knock occurs in Gin Rummy, quite often the cards I have left are skewed or piled up in a random way. Been happening quite some time now, but never used to happen.

Unknown said...

Why am I having delays when Discarding or moving cards?

Marya said...

I don't know! I just checked, and I do not experience delays when doing this. The site works very well in Google's Chrome browser. If you are not using that, you may want to try it. Another thing to do is check your internet connection and make sure you aren't getting packet loss. You can also email me if you like, maybe you're using a browser that I haven't tested -