Monday, December 25, 2017

site updated so Elo is computed using team Elo rating in ranked games

This morning, the site was updated with a few bug fixes and modifications.

First, the Elo rating has been slightly modified in team games (Spades, Twenty-Nine, Euchre, and Double Deck Pinochle). You won't see much of a change when players with similar ranks are playing against each other. However, if a player with a higher Elo is teamed up with one who has a much lower rating, then the higher rated player will get a little more credit than they did previously. The details are explained on the page which describes Spades rankings. This should help to mitigate the risk of teaming up with a lower-rated partner in ranked team games. Thanks to the player who suggested this to me!

The hand history is now available for Gin Rummy (there's a blog post that describes how the hand history works for Hearts). I've had a couple of bug reports in this game, but have not been able to reproduce the issues. So if you notice a problem, please download the hand history and send it to me. It may help me figure out what is going wrong here

Someone mentioned to me that the Pinochle bots have not been giving an "aces around" bid. If a player has "aces around", it means they have at least one ace in all suits, and indicates a pretty strong hand. If no one has bid yet, a bid of 51 (rather than the minimum bid of 50) is usually taken to signal that the person has "aces around". The bots have been programmed to do this, now.
I'm first to bid, so I'll bid 51, because I have aces around. Now the bots will too!
This update also includes some bug fixes for problems that were reported to me in Twenty-Nine. If you notice any more problems in this game, please report them so that I can make the site better.


Anonymous said...

Marya, how about an option to play to the score of 250 in Pinochle, there would be a lot less unfinished games. I notice hardly anyone plays a whole game anymore. Tincanalley5

Anonymous said...


– A happy squirrel

Marya said...

Hi Tincanalley5,

I admit that I'm a purist. I like playing Double Deck Pinochle to 500.

I'm not against another Option, in principle. There's a general problem that too many Options make it hard to get a game started. There's a technical problem that adding more Options costs more resources, so I don't want to add too many (so many people want to play games with particular options, it is surprising!). There's also the problem that I don't have so much time to work on the site now. In any case, the new Hearts Option is going to come first.

I'm noting down your request, in any case... If you like playing Pinochle, you may want to find some regular players who played ranked games. People are more serious about ranked games, and are generally committed to play them to the end. It can be hard to get one going, but it looks like there are 3-4 of these each day. Not often, but it's really fun!

Unknown said...

two thumbs up

Anonymous said...

Hi Marya, first of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, shame on me for leaving that out.. :)..I understand your explanation, and I too would rather play pinochle to 500, but a full game is rarely attained with the same people that started it, but that's ok, I enjoy the site you have set up here, it's fun and relaxing keep up the good work. Tincanalley5

Marya said...

Tincanalley5, Thank you for understanding... and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you as well!

Caribgirl said...

Great site. Lots of fun. However, a few of the players are abusive, bullies, unstable, inciting racist violent comments and then ganging up against other players who call them out for their behavior. I would assume it is difficult to monitor 24/7 a free online site, but when these players are rampant throughout the games, and cheat and use flagrant unsportsmanlike behavior, it ruins the premise of the site. This is what became the norm at the Yahoo Games, and alas, they are no more. I assume the only option of control was shut it down.

Marya said...

Yes, a few rotten players can spoil the fun. The "dislike" feature is there to help with people who abuse chat. I have a blog page which explains features you can use to tailor the site to your liking:

I am the sole person working on the site, and it is not my full time job. So, no, I cannot monitor the site 24/7. I rely on players to report bad behavior to me. I always investigate reports, and ban if needed.

Regarding Yahoo! Games, I am really doubtful that it was shut down due to abuse. There are still many, many multiplayer games on the web, all chugging along with their unique experiences. Yahoo! (the company) had its own problems, and I suspect the multiplayer game division just wasn't worth their trouble, even if that division managed to eke out a profit.

Unknown said...

This is an improvement, but since it doesn't include ranked game, doesn't help me. Good idea anyway.