Saturday, March 31, 2018

new ranked Hearts Option

An update was applied to the site this morning. You can now play ranked Hearts with the "Tournament Rules" Option. You will see both types of ranked Hearts games in the list of tables. A table with the "Tournament Rules" Option is annotated with "tr". The "Standard Rules" table is not annotated with anything special.
two possible games of Hearts
You will get a separate Elo rating for Hearts games played with these "Tournament Rules". If you play both types of games, you will see your Elo rating for each Option in your stats area for Hearts. Just click your stats link in the upper right corner, and click the "Hearts" radio button to see your Elo and Skill for the two ranked Hearts Options. Here's a view of my stats:
stats show Tournament Rules with (tr) next to them

I hope you have fun with the new Option!


Adrian said...

Bit off-topic, but can I ask what the difference is between the Absolute and Relative Win Ratios?

Marya said...

Hi Adrian, click this link to learn about the Absolute and Relative Win Ratios.

Anonymous said...

Why has the elo been removed from normal games?

Marya said...

It is a bug that crept in while I was adding the new feature. I will be working to fix it this week. Thank you for reporting it!

TheTiger said...

Looks great Marya,

A bit off-topic ... but here is a wish list of features I'd like:

1. I'd like the option to NOT allow a bot in a ranked game to be replaced by anyone, except one of the original 4 who started the game.

2. A count-down to the start of the game, say 10s, to allow players to click "Ready", or leave without being penalised. This gives us time to see who we're playing before the game starts. If my ELO is 1600 and I join a table as the 4th person I don't get any time to see who I'm playing against. It could be 3 ppl with low ELO ... and I might want to abandon.

3. Point 2 above is a nice segue in to this ... an option to control max and min ELO for joining a ranked game. THis could be as simple as Low, Open and High, where Low excludes players over 1600 and high excludes players under 1500.

4. Finally, for a bit of fun ... different versions of our Avatars to express emotions: Angry, Happy, Sad, Surprised, and poker-face, would be enough. These could be controlled by alpha keys when chat is off ... A, H, S, ? and P.

Keep up the great work. I love the site and sometimes recommend to friends.

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.



Marya said...

With this morning's update, this bug has been fixed. You can now see the Elo rating at normal games and in your stats panel again.

Marya said...

Thanks for the input, TheTiger. I'm glad you enjoy the site!

All the requests you made are on my to-do list, except for #4. That would be a very expensive proposition, as I'd have to requisition art for all the avatars that are currently at the site :) Fun but not possible.

I do hope to be able to add these features some time in the future.