Saturday, April 7, 2018

bug fix update

When the site was updated last weekend, a few bugs had crept into the build. These bugs have been fixed with this morning's update. Here is the bug list for those who might have noticed:
  1. Your Elo rating was not viewable for some games in your stats panel, and also at unranked tables. It also didn't show up for unranked tables in the list of tables. No worries! Your Elo rating wasn't lost, but it could only be viewed at ranked tables.
  2. Sometimes a table would vanish from the list of tables even though it still had seats available.

In addition, the Hearts bots have been informed of the new "Tournament Rules" Option, and they will now play a bit better at such tables.

Thank you to everyone who reported these bugs! You help to make the site better by bringing these problems to my attention.


AlexUK said...

Hi Marya, if you remember, I wrote to you some time ago about how luck is a much much much heavier factor in euchre than in the other games on the site, such as hearts and spades. I then went on to suggest that you made euchre games longer, to reduce the impact of luck.

At the time, you replied that you didn't feel that would be a good idea, because one of euchre's main advantages is you can play a quick game and then get on with your day.

I never replied to you, but I wanted to say I totally understand what you mean and I agree 100%.

I also understand that your implementation of euchre is completely based on the standard rules of the game, and this enormous luck factor is the nature of the beast.

I have a couple of suggestions for your consideration to reduce the impact of luck. They're just ideas:

1) make ranked games longer (e.g. to 15 or 20), and keep unranked games the same length

2) when a hand is 3-1 to the bidders, skip the superflous last trick, to speed things up, as 4-1 or 3-2 results in the same score. Of course, that last trick is not entirely pointless, because it lets you see what cards your opponents had left and therefore try to understand how they think. But it's a suggestion.


Marya said...

Sorry Alex, but I'm really reluctant to make any more non-standard option changes to the site. One problem is that I just don't have so much time to work on the site, so I'm trying to focus on those things that help the most people... Also, adding more options fractures the user base for each option into smaller groups, which always makes it take just a bit longer to get started. Maybe some time in the future your suggestion will be possible.

AlexUK said...

No worries, as I said it was just an idea :) Thank you very much for taking the time to reply and for making the site for all of us.

Anonymous said...

I love your site but it is getting harder and harder to play with the constant disconnections. For awhile I thought it was me but I realized this only happens on your site. I started asking other players and many of them said that they have had the same problem. Whats really bad is it will disconnect and while Im waiting for a re connect, it plays my hand. Sucks. Please see what can be done. TY

Marya said...

Have you tried contacting your ISP?

Some people have told me that they are plagued by disconnections. Other people (including myself) do not have this problem. This indicates that the problem is not specific to the site.

A highly interactive card game site is different from a regular website. It requires a consistently good connection. If you have brief, sporadic outages, this won't affect other websites the way that it will an interactive website. During these short outages, you may lose vital information (e.g. what card was played, what bid was made, etc.).

I would love to fix these problems for everyone.... but I am fairly certain there is nothing wrong with the site. Again, why would many people play without interruptions if there's a problem with the site? It is well worth your time to give your ISP a call and ask if they can check your internet line for things like packet drops or packet loss. Some people have told me that they did this, and that the problem went away after tech support helped them.