how to register at World of Card Games

If you want to play and be recognized by others, you can register a player name at World of Card Games. Note: this post is about registering. There's a separate post that explains how to sign in at World of Card Games, if you already have registered with a user name.

how to register at World of Card Games

Click on the "register" link, which appears in the upper right corner. A form opens up. You need to enter 3 pieces of information: your "user name", "password", and "email address". Your user name must be unique; you will get an error message if you try to register with one that is already taken.

After entering the 3 required items, the Register button will be enabled, and you should click it to complete the registration. You will be logged in automatically.

There are benefits to registering!
  1. Many people trust registered players more. You'll have access to more tables, including those that require registration.
  2. You can set your Options to play with other Registered players only, which keeps out Guests.
  3. You can use the off-table Messaging feature.
  4. Your stats will stick with you, and all your preferences, like private table names and other options that you set when playing.
  5. Also, your "likes" and "dislikes" list will remain with you.
  6. You can maintain a list of 4 extra private table names.
  7. You can play in ranked games.
  8. You can download "hand histories" for Hearts, Euchre, and Spades hands, and replay them after the game to review what happened.
  9. You have access to the post-game chat table if you want to chat with others after a game is finished. This is useful if you want to talk about how cards were played during a hand, for example.
  10. You can access the chat lobby.
Note: Your email address is only collected so that you can reset your password in the future; I do not contact players unless I am replying to an email sent to me. I do not sell the email list, or provide it to advertisers.

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