Where's the Options button at World of Card Games?

The Options button for each game allows you to access your personal preferences for playing each game at World of Card Games.

For example, perhaps you like to play against the computer ("with bots") in Hearts. But for Spades, you want to play with "Registered Players Only," and "Exclude Games in Progress." All of those settings are accessed from the Options panel. And you get to that panel by clicking on the Options button.

Each game (Spades, Hearts, etc.) has its own Options button, so you can customize your preferences for that particular game. The Options button is in the lower left corner of each "game panel" on the home page at World of Card Games. The home page is the page where you can see all the different types of games available, from Hearts to Gin Rummy.

A picture says a thousand words, so here's a screenshot with each of the "Options" buttons encircled in green. If the picture is not large enough to see the "button" clearly, click on the image, and you will see it even larger.
the Options button, highlighted by a green circle

In case it's not clear: your Options will be strictly obeyed if you go directly to a table by clicking on a game panel. However, when you look at the "list of tables", you will be shown tables where you are allowed to play, not just tables that enforce your preferences. This gives you some leeway when choosing a table from the listings. In that case, you will be shown tables with bots, even if your Options forbid them. You will not be shown any tables where you are not allowed to play. For example, if you are a Guest, but a "Registered Players Only" table has a spot open, you will not be shown that table.


LL2 said...

I lost my ability to see the other peoples comments. They have little orange things under their name. I can't find mine

Marya said...

I am not sure why you cannot see people's comments... This particular post does not have any comments on it, other than yours, though. If you have a question, it may be easier for me to help you if you send me an email: marya@worldofcardgames.com

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Marya said...

I have a blog page showing how to use chat at the site: http://worldofcardgames.blogspot.com/p/how-to-chat-at-world-of-card-games.html

Lesley said...

I never even knew that panel was there. I play on a standard laptop and the print on those buttons is so small that it just looked like part of the design/decoration of the card. Maybe you could consider a design change to make those options more obvious. Thanks!

Marya said...

Hi Lesley, thank you for the feedback! For a long time, I've been thinking about making some modifications to help make it easier to use the Options button. It's something that I really want to do, just haven't had the time. Hopefully I will get to it sooner rather than later!